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    The Jump Up Battle Beasts have the basic use of the suction cup, spring and the base. They were put out in 1986 by Imperial who is noted for making all those rubber dinosaurs you see at the fleamarkets and other "original" and "knock-off" lines at you dollar store. They have done a excellent job at the six different "Jump Up" figures they produced. Standing four inches tall, these critters would "Jump Up" after you push them down and firmly had the suction cup laced over the spring and (which is attached to the base).

    Though only six figures were made, they had a random symbol assortment. So you are a completist, you must find the Fox and all the others in Fire, Wood & Water. Also to my amazement a 2-Pack was produced (pictured above).

    Imperial also created some silly games to be played with the Jump Up figures, rules are below.

Collection Of: Alex Bickmore / Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

  • Rhino (Fire)
  • Fox
  • Gorrilia (Wood)
  • White Lion
  • Alligator (Fire)
  • Boar (Fire)

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    STA: Battle Beasts: Fakes

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            You will find a great variety of knock-off and fake Battle Beast toys here. Some range from excellent copies, to generic copies. Most of these were produced in the mid 80's when Battle Beasts were released, while some are recently produced. If you have any packaged examples, or any not pictured here... please e-mail.

    Gold & Silver Armored Knock-Offs
            These figures are the best knock off Battle Beasts produced. They produced in them all with silver or gold armor. The beast would be red, yellow or green. The colors are the same for each beast, they were never switched. The company also aded extra features, like a frill on the snake. Each beast has a unique weapon.

  • Chinese Battle Beasts
            This piece hails from China. It is a well done piece bearing no Hasbro copyrights or association. The figures inside though are actual Battle Beasts with Hasbro markings. Even the weapons have the correct numbers. They do not have rub symbols though. The package is resealed, so we really do not know what from what. My hypothesis is some unpakcaged overstock Beasts just made their way into the hand of a creative seller who made his own packages.

    2" Small Animals Knock-Offs
            These little critters can be found all over North America. No packaging has ever turned up and the best resource is they have turned up as prizes from a Six-Flags theme park (Great America) in the summer of 98'.
            As figures, they are poseable at the waist and arms. They are unmarked, and very colorful! There are many animals that were never produced in the Battle Beasts line. They average about 2 inches tall, and are made of the same legs and about 2 different types of arms. It is also unknown how many different figures were made, or how many color combinations.
            Two different series have been made. One series has armor and the other does not. More details later on.

    Stone Cobra
            The customs in varying quailty have been made. Tthe plastic quality will be different from the plastic that all Beasts are made from.

    Clear Gator
            This Clear Gator seems to have some differences but it is close enough. It even has original Takara and 88' markings.

    Colored Clear & Glitter
            Laser Beasts and Regular Beasts are being produced in clear colors and some in glitter.

    Colored Clear Shield Sleds
            The Laser Beast Shield Sleds are found in the various colors from the Japanese Sled Pack to the European Sleds.

    Gold & Silver Beasts: Alex Bickmore / Anonymous
    Small Animal Figures Matthew Leuck
    Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
    Photos: Alex Bickmore

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