These are unproduced hardcopy prototypes of a unknown Diaclone robot. Standing 10"-12" tall, they can transform into a monster truck type vehicle with a crane. The vehicles are futuristic with a removable cab window, and it may possibly have fired a missile out of the crane extrension or perhaps water? One of the two has a reproduced head and chest plate. The chest plate was lost on one, and the head was never sculpted. They were displayed as one in robot form, and another in vehicle form.
    These pieces were sent from Takara to Hasbro back in 82' or 83' as possiblities for becoming part of the new Transformers series. It probably was not accepted due to it's size as well as the interaction with the series and toys. When starting a new line like this, you have certain size limits before you get really big toys. It took til 1985-86' to get Metroplex who was a unproduced Microman base, and finally 87' for Trypticon who is still smaller than these guys.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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