The Optimus Prime Diaclone has some great differences from the produced version. But the "Grey" Optimus Prime and Diaclone Prime are very close to the same toy. The "Grey" Optimus Prime was the first Optimus Primes mailed out in Transformer packaging. It is refered as "grey" because the missiles and car are grey. The Optimus we all know of was shipped with a blue car and black missiles.

    The Diaclone Optimus has 4x grey missiles, 1 grey Car , and a Huge Weird looking Prime gun , 2x Oversized fists, Nozel and gas part (connects to car) are is more detailed. The launchers that fire the missiles are also different. The Battle Convoy has the large Diaclone sticker on the side of the trailor. In has a Diaclone license plate and bumper! The only difference between the Grey Optimus is the stickers on the trailors and bumpers.

Collection of: Stephen Lewis
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Stephen Lewis

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