On May 4th 2005 in Tokyo, the Zissen toy show was held. Bancho started this show up with his love for GiJoe. This was the first show for Zissen, and it was a special show. Zissen is not your average toy show in Japan. This show was designed for collectors of the 80's genre of toys, which is a first in Japan from what I hear.

    This show was not only a toy show, it was a convention that displayed Dino Riders, Go-Bots & GiJoe! This was the first Dino Riders type convention ever held. Though there was no room for a Dino Riders presentation to be made on the toy line (Other presentation were made), the full collection of Dino Riders toys and some prototypes were on display! Also included were presentation boards in Japanese telling the history of the toy line and the Dinosaur names and characteristics. A small Tv was set up and for most of the time, was playing original Dino Riders episodes.

    Below I present photographs I took while atteneding Zissen. Though the show was small and it could be debated on how many Dino Riders fans were there, it was the first mini Dino Riders convention ever.

    The first photo is of the dealers waiting to set up. The 2nd photo is one shot of the "L" formation dealer room. Thank you to Azusa & Fumihiko and everyone else who made Zissen possible.

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