There are very few non-toy Dungeons & Dragons pieces. Most of the items consist of Coloring Books, to books. Luckily for us, some of the Characters from the Toys and Role Playing game made it into the cartoon series (Which reached more of a audience). Characters like Warduke, Nightmare, Bullywugs, Timat allowed more micellanous things to come out. One of which is a Paint Master Statue of Warduke.

--= Coloring Books =---

D&D The Lost Wand Coloring Book & Story Book

--= Costumes =---

Skeleton Costume

Pic. 1 - Pic. 2

Warduke Costume

--= Misc. =---

Holograms "Warduke Collection" MIP

Colorforms Adventure Set MIB

Pencil Sharpener "Strongheart" MOC

Pencil Sharpener "Warduke" Loose

Pinball MOSC


Stickers Pack of "Puffy Characters" Packaged x6

Pic. 1 - Pic. 2

Shrinky Dinks Boxed

Pic. 1 - Pic. 2

Wallet MOC

--= Paints & Sculpts =---

Warduke Paint Master Sculpture

D&D Paint By Number Set MIB

--= Puzzles =--

D&D Red Dragon Plastic Sliding Puzzle

D&D "Dungeon of Dread" Puzzle

D&D "Mountain of Mirrors" Puzzle

D&D "Return to Brookmere" Puzzle (Features Peralay)

D&D Misc. Character Pose Puzzle (UK Only?)

D&D Charging Attack Puzzle

   Above: One of very few Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Manuals with Characters such as Strongheart & Warduke.

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