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    I will be covering only the 3" 3/4 inch line at this site. I have being collecting them a bit more and will place some the rarities I have picked up recently. This would be any prototypes I can find. Enjoy!

___________________/-Action Figures

Unproduced "Chef" Artwork

Star Brigade Blackstar Hardcopy

Star Brigade Monstro Viper Test Shot

Unproduced Ninja Commando's Stormshadow

Unproduced Ninja Commando's Flint

1994 Gi-Joe Manimals (All 6 Featured)

2000 KB Gi-Joe Manimal Spasma

2000 KB Gi-Joe Manimal Vortex

Gi-Joe Manimal Spasma (White & Blue)

Gi-Joe Manimal Vortex (White & Grey)

Gi-Joe Manimal Zig-Zag (White & Copper)

Gi-Joe Baroness "Blue" Hard Copy Statue


Crimson Tank (Sears C.a.t.)

Crimson Hiss Tank (Convention Excl.)

Gi-Joe Barracuda Test Shot


Scarlett Cel (Multi-Layer)

WWF Gi.Joe Sgt. Slaughter LJN Figure

Japanese Kabaya Hiss Tank & Fang Model Kits

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