The Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark was produced in 1982 to 1983 by Kenner. For Jones, they included a mechanism that was used for Butch Cassidy & the Sun Dance Kid toy line. It was a pull back quick draw action that allowed Indy to "draw" his gun. This mechanism worked both ways and also allowed Indy to use the Whip with the arm being pulled over his head, and then slashing back down. Other figures were limited just to articulation and one or two had the pullback action.
    The first series of Indiana Jones saw 8 figures released on card. Other figures were also produced for the playsets. These figures were Map Room Indy (desert fatigue) and Monkey Man vendor. Belloq In robes was a mail-away offer and only prototypes of him MOC exist. Read More about this below. As for variations of the figures, there are none. The toughest figure is Marion Ravenwood, and ranging in expense is also Indy.

    Carded examples have Belloq In Robes variant. The Original release figures had a plain pictured covered by nothing. When the Belloq In Robes offer was introduced, Kenner placed a large picture offer over the photo of the character. The Marion Ravenwood carded pictured above is missing the Belloq In Robes offer.
    Belloq In Robes MOC was never produced. Only a handful of known salesman samples exist in collectors hands. These are highly treasured and there are many high quality fakes out there. Keep a watchful eye and if it's to good to be know the rest.

    Name: Indiana Jones

    Accessories: Whip & Pistol

    Action Features:Indy does have many features of action. he has a pull back action with his right arm allowing him to "draw" his pistol from his hip. This feature was taken from the Butch Cassidy & Sun Dance kid toy line Kenner did earlier. The arm can also go the other way and allow the whip to be "whiplashed" downward.

    Name: Marion Ravenwood

    Accessories: Dress, Plastic Stand &Vendor Monkey

    Action Features:Marion doesn't offer many features. She does come with the adorable Monkey which ate the posion fig. This monkey is often missing and monkying about. She also has a small clear plastic stand to help her stand. Her dress is removable from the waist down, but this isn't a advertised feature :^) .

    Name: Sallah

    Accessories: Torch

    Action Features: Sallah has cloth robe and come with a torch. Nothing really else to mention.

    Name: Indiana Jones in German Uniform

    Accessories: Bazooka

    Action Features: Indy in German Unifrom comes with a bazooka launcher which is rather cool. I'am currently unsure if he has the quick draw action added with him.

    Name: Indiana Jones in Desert Disguise

    Accessories: Robe

    Action Features:The Map Room Indiana Jones comes exlusive to the Map Room playset. He has only his Robe. Also included with the set was a satchel, pick and other equipment.

    Name: Belloq

    Accessories: Map

    Action Features: Belloq doesn't look to much like the character sadly. The map he caries is paper and very tough to find loose and not creased.

    Name: Belloq in Ceremonial Robe

    Accessories: Staff & Chest Medallion

    Action Features: Belloq looks as he did in the film and comes with his staff and robe. This piece was a mail-away offer only.

    Name: Toht

    Accessories: Jacket & Pistol

    Action Features: Toht never looked to good. But he does have a cute burn mark of the medallion on his hand. Kenner knew exactly how to make a play appeal and that was by applying that mark. Sadly Kenner didn't have the techonolgy to make his cout hanger!

    Name: Cario Swordsman

    Accessories: Dagger, Sword & Robe

    Action Features: The Cario Swordsman comes with his two weapons that can fit in his robe belt. Warning Please do not look underneath the robe!!!!

    Name: German Mechanic

    Accessories: Wrench

    Action Features: The German Mechanic I believe does carry the quick draw action, but in his case the quick punch. The Wrench is dinky and small and lost very easily.

    Name: Monkey Man

    Accessories: Robe

    Action Features: The Monkey man comes exlusive to the Streets of Cairo playset. He has only his Robe. Also included with the set was another version of the Vendor Monkey with it's arm out.

---------------- Playsets & Horse ----------------

    Name: Arabian Horse

    Accessories: Saddle

    Action Features: Also retooled from the Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid line is the Arabian Horse. The horse has new color deco and also comes with a gallop feature. You press the button on the side of the horse, and all four legs move. The button was nicely covered by the saddle bag.

    Name: Map Room Playset

    Accessories: Indiana Jones in Desert Disguise, Staff of Ra, Model of City, Surveyor's Transit, Excavator's Pick, satchel, & Rope.

    Action Features: This small playset is loads of fun. You can actually look through the red plastic of the Staff of Ra and look for the exact area were the Ark is hidden. With the naked eye, their various choices marked with heiroglyphics, but nly one can be seen through the Staff of Ra. Also included was a Indy Action Figure.

    Name: Streets of Cairo Playset

    Accessories: Monkey Man, Monkey, Marion sitting, 2x round baskets with lids, 1x rectange basket with lid, cart, fruit stand, 3?x green melons, & 5?x red fruits.

    Action Features: This playset offers a fun ability to find Marion before Monkey Man does and turns her over to the Germans. You can place Marion in either basket. Also the ability of the cart, the fruit stand with removable fruit allows for some playtime with a small fight and knocking things over.

    Name: Well of Souls Playset

    Accessories: 12x wretched Snakes, 1 Mummy, 2x Torches, Break away wall, Grappling Hook, Base Plate, 2x Golden Arches, Ark Cover (stone), The Ark, 2 Carry Pole for the ark.

    Action Features: This playset offers some good fun and display with the snakes, and the Ark. The play value is in the Ark , and that nifty break away wall! Sadly we can only wish they included the huge statue!

    Name: Convoy Truck

    Accessories: You Tell me!

    Action Features: A pretty neat piece with all the things you can do that Indy did in the movie. Sadly no "regulars" German troops were produced to fullfil the true feature of the Convoy Truck.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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