Jewel lords are "see-through" Rock Lords that came out in Series 3 of the Rocklords line. Their names are Sunstone, Flamestone & Solitare. Solitare is a female and did star (with a big role) in the Gobots Movie. So far loose wise it seems Solitare was made more since she was in the movie and probably brought out before the other two (possibly). Of course they are all good guys fighting against Magmar. Even Sunny'ol boy is a good guy, though he doesn't look like he is.

    In the bottom picture, do you see how the new stands above Flamestone? Sunstone has the same new above him in the Tonka catalog. Solaitare does not, which may possibly mean she was out already for a short while and was not a new addition to the line which would explain her "sometimes easier to locate" than the others. But this might be inaccurate since there is such little information now.

Rock Type: Diamond
-Weapon: -??????????
There is no Bio card for Her

Solitare MOC

Rock Type: ??????????
-Weapon: -??????????
There is no Bio card for Him

Sunstone MOC

Rock Type: ??????????
-Weapon: -??????????
There is no Bio card for Him

Flamestone MOC

    Since the pictures are not perfect, they actually look like this....

Collection of: Kristopher Olin / Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Kristopher Olin /Alex Bickmore

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