STA: Mega Man: Marvel Vs. Capcom Mega Man & Warhawk 2 Pack

Marvel Vs. Capcom Mega Man & Warhawk Test Shots (2 Pack)

    These are two Test Shots of War Machine and Mega Man from the Street Fighters 2-Pack. The figures came in their bubble, and have markings. The figures themselves are made of a different color plastic than the produced versions.
    The Mega Man has a light blue torso, black thighs and is non chomre all over. This test shot seems to be more accurate to the original Mega Man! The weapons are also a yellow while the produced ones are gold.
    War Machine has a grey plastic color compared to the produced ones metallic color. The only armor that came with the test shot version was the belt and front & back armor. Guess they only needed those for display purposes or to show what was needed to hold him in the bubble. The missiles are also made of the grey color, and fire 2x - 3x farther than the produced one.

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