The Rambo toy line was inevitable, it was a sure as a the sequal to First Blood. Coleco took the job to produce this line, and it was a tough one. In all the movies, Rambo's bad guy's were just general armies. No one really specific. Coleco created new villians, and new heroes and created their own story to go with the toys almost.
    Coleco did create some strange bad-ass bad guys. They were so strange, they even had a General who prefers to whip his enemies. Yikes! The main villians are from the S.A.V.A.G.E. team. They even had Cybernetic S.A.V.A.G.E villians X-ray and Dr.Hyde who make the whole line liveable.

    The toys for this toy line are consider common by most. Weapons packs are more abundant than anything and the figures can be found almost anywhere, cheap. This is not all true. The first series action figures are common, while the second series are very tough. The toughest is probably Muscle Power Rambo (haven't seen one) and Dr. Hyde. X-Ray is rumored to be from South America, but no one has ever seen one or heard of one.

Whip-Action Warhawk (2nd Series)

Snakebite MOC (2nd Series)

--=S.A.V.A.G.E. Cybernetic Warriors=--

Dr. Hyde (2nd Series)

--=Forgien Rambo Figures & Vehicles=--

Argentian Rambo w/ Bonus VHS Tape

Argentian Dr. Hyde (2nd Series & Black)

Argentian X-Ray MOSC (2nd Series)

Brazilian K.A.T. MOC

Brazilian Dr. Hyde (2nd Series)

--=Knock-Off Rambo Figures=--

Knock-Off Rambo from Mexico in Bag

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