----1st Series----

    It all started for Rocklords after the Go-Bots movie. The Go-Bots movie plot runs thin as the Guardians learn of the Rocklords by the Jewel Lords Solitare who with Nugget have come to Gobotron. Solitare leads her new found friends to her home planet. From this point on the whole movie continues with the battle of Renegade's (who followed the Guardians to Rocklord home world) fighting the Gurdians.

    These are well detailed and very poseable comapred to the "Transforming" toys of the time. The figures also do a extremely well job of representing the charchters and likeness's on the show. Each Figure came with a Weapon and a Mini Comic about the charachter you bought. The Go-Bots movie was the begining and the end of their appearnce other than toys, which seem to do better than the movie. Does Nuggit represent Bumblebee almost?

Fun Fact:    It is quite strange that the weapons the Rocklords had in the Go-Bots Movie are different than what the toys have.
Varaitions:    It seems that weapons from Eurpoean (possibly other countries as well) are of a different color. The only example I have been told of is that there is a Red and Black weapon for Nugget. This Black weapon may have been release in North America as well.

Boulder (Good / Leader)
-Tungsten: among the toughest of all minerals, it shows durability and resolve.
-Weapon: -Power Sword

"Brave and wise with a awesome physique, Boulder leads the defense of Quartex against Magmar's villianous plots. Boulder has rallied the remaining free kingdoms of the planet under his leadership.
His fiery temper strikes fear into friend and foe alike. In the heart of the battle, he scatters enemies with stungun blasts and zaps them with his Power Sword."

Granite (Good)
-Silvery: A tough-as-nails composition that reflects his strength and determination.
-Weapon: -T-Gun

"A happy-go-lucky rock with a ready laugh, Granite is truly a "gentale giant". But put him in the thick of the fight and he's one of the most fearsome combanatns on the battlefield.
Despite its ordinary appearance, the T-Gun's shiny bullets will pierce anything and that's enough to send any evil rock running for cover!"

Nuggit (Good)
-Golden: a shiny, metalic finish that covers his robotic circuitry.
-Weapon: -Tri-Gun

"Though he's a robot, Nuggit is worth his weight in gold! He's smaller than the other rock warriors but brave and bold beyond his size. Nuggit is very proud of his shiny finish.
Nuggits Tri-Gun does triple duty: the top barrel hypnotizes; the second barrel paralyzes; the third barrel revives the unlucky victim for questioning."

Magmar (Evil / Leader)
-Igneous: formed of molten lava that reflects his fiery emotions.
-Weapon: -Ax-Rifle

"Magmar is the most cunning and evil-minded of the Rock Lords. His domineering personality and physical strength make him a fearful presence to all but the most brave. Magamr lives to conquer the rock planet Quartex. His favorite activity is combat. Weilding his Ax-Rifle with deadly accuracy, he assaults foes scattering rocks and pebbles as he goes."

Tombstone (Evil)
-Quartz: Flashes with a wicked glint as he goes about his deadly chores.
-Weapon: -The Reaper

"Tombstone lives to fight. This evil warrior cares about only one thing: destrying good rocks! The last thing Tombstone wants to hear about this peace. A good battle will make his day as he rushes heedlessly at the enemy swinging The Reaper wildly and laughing at his foes as they retreat from the twirling scythe.

Sticks 'n Stones (Evil)
-Anthracite (coal) and Magnetite: a dangerous combonation of minerals that causes sparks
-Weapon: -Cactus Club (Sticks); Double Duty Mace (Stones (right side)) NOTE: only weapon was this mace.

"Sticks 'n Stones are living proof that two heads are worse than one. They're constantly at odds with each other. But give them a single purpose-destroying good rocks-and they become an awesome fighting force. The very sight of them charging into battle with their Cactus Club and Double Duty mace is enough to send eneimes flying home!"

Collection of: Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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