----2nd Series----

    The second series of Rocklords figures brought out the rest of the main charachters that the mini comics focused on. As before, these figures are detailed, poseable and show a great likeness to the charachter on the show. Each charachter still had a weapon and a mini-comic.

Brimstone(Evil / 2nd in Command)
-Brimstone: A fouling smelling combaination of sulfar and rock.
-Weapon:-The Torcher

"Brimstone's scheming intellect makes him a deadly foe. Brimstone is always ready to step in for Magmar and take command. Brandishing The Torcher, his flame throwing weapon, he laughs wickedly as he charges fearlessly into battle."

-Silvery: A shiny plating that covers a slimy charchter.

"Slimestone is a rock warrior with a different personality. Short, squat , and disgustingly sinister, Slimestone enjoys wallowing in pools of boiling oil. Slimestone delights in using his slimegun to smear enemies with evil-smelling sticky stuff thats impossiblet o get off!"

-Slate: a cold hard rocksymbolic of Stoneheart's personality.
-Weapon:-Slam Ray

"Stoneheart is the largest and cruelist of the evil rock warriors. He takes special delight in teasing his enemies before defeating them. Extremly unpredictable, Stoneheart's first loyalty is to himself and even Magmar thinks twice about crossing him. Stoneheart fights like a raging beast, his Slam Ray hammering foes into rubble."

-Azurite: a mix of violet and gray that's tough enough to resist good-natured kidding.
-Weapon:-Magnetic Pulse Gun

"Crackpot's name describes his personality-slightly goofy. The other warriors give him a hard time about his crazy notions but Crackpot can think of good idea's that save them from a jam. His magnetic pulse ray "attracts" bad rocks and turn sthem into magnetic heaps!"

-Dolmite: Light-colored mineral whose hardness befits the toughest of the good rock warriors.
-Weapon:-The Arrestor

"Pulver-Eyes is a resourceful and strong with a reputation for snacking on rocks of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to a fight, his temper is fierce but he's quick to forgive and forget. Pulver-Eyes uses The Arrestor to latch on to enemies and reel them in."

-??????: ??????.


Collection of: Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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