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Ghosbusters: Vehicles

Air Sickness

C-8+ & Has Ghost. No Plane Part.$6


100% Commplete & C-8.5. Has Ghost and claw works! The car is faded just a little but it's not bad enough to make it look bad. Pic. 2SOLD


100% Commplete & C-8.5. Has Ghost and claw works! The car is NOT faded. Sadly the sticker are the problem. back window has a large ripped but could be glued back up or another door can be found. Top sticker can be pulled off. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD


NO doors or chair. Has back door! Best part is.. No fading! Hs not turned yellow at all. Pic. 2SOLD


C-8+ but no chair. Missing a side fin. No yellowing! Pic. 2SOLD


Later produced version. Clean with great sticker! Chair has no guns and one gun tab broken. Hook is present as well. Pic. 2SOLD


------Not in stock---------

Ecto-2 Bomb



100% Complete & C-9. Has Ghost!SOLD


C-9+ & no accessoriesSOLD


------Not in stock---------

Firehouse HQ

------Not in stock---------

Firehouse Containment

C-9+ and has bottom door. SOLD

Ghost Sweeper

------Not in stock---------

Highway Haunter

100% Commplete & C-8. Pic. 2SOLD

Highway Haunter

100% Commplete & C-7. Likes to be in bug mode. One piece broke as shown. And the front window bar broke down. Pic. 2SOLD

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