This outfit is actually from the 5th episode of the third season when Captain Hudson, Lucas, and Dagwood are sent to a secret UEO base to see why did it fire unauthorized missiles and to disable it. This costume, plus many other props were sold when Seaquest was cancelled. The chains of command outfits can be considered the most common ( if there is a common Seaquest prop) of the uniforms to get. But to have a complete one ( jacket, shirt and pants) would take some time to get.

    The outfit is also unique to chains of command because it has been sprayed with a false brwon substance which is supposed to represent mud. Also the outfit has been trimmed and cut in various places to give the withered appeal. I've come to learn that this outfit hasn't been as slashed as other outfits. The front of the jacket has the U.E.O Patch. On the side is the famous U.E.O. Symbol with a Triton spear. The pants have nothing unique except that it goes with the jacket.

    Underneath the jacket is the t-shirt. The shirt itself has apeared in many episodes though. This shirt also has something unique that makes it from chains of command episode. The shirt has been sprayed with a light grey to give the look of sweat and make the person wearing it seem to be in fatigue. The shirt has the U.E.O. logo on the front and a huge symbol of the triton spear of U.E.O.!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Mac Bickmore
Moron in outfit: Will not disclose name

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