This piece belongs to the unprdouced line of Double Pretenders, which might be the second series of small pretenders. These Pretenders would carry I believe two robots rather than one. It also could have ranged from one robot and a vehicle, or just a two robots. So far only 3 types of Double Pretenders have surfaced. A Human in Lion Armor, a 4-Armed Monster, and a Armored Gorilla.

    It is still unknown when these guys were intended to be produced (88', 89', 90'?). Some evidance does support that they were supposed to be 88' or 89' based on one of them appears on the instruction artwork for a Pretender Groundbreaker.

    This Gorilla Pretender Hardcopy is a concept model of a armored Gorilla that was never produced. This piece never reached the points of engineering pre-production pilot models. This piece was sculpted in 1987 and can seperate into three parts. His arms are separate pieces, but glued on... but the head, body, and legs are one solid piece. Its height is 5.75 inches and has a weight of 16 ounces.

    Both versions of the Double Pretender Gorilla have been found. This version 2 and version 1 are both different in color design. Version 1 is all black with some highlighting of red on his armor. His eyes are blue and overall is very dark in color. Version 2, has a grey tone with red armor and a gold helmet. His calf armor and wrist armor are brown.
    Of the two Double Pretender Gorilla's found, this one carries two weapons, while the Double Pretender Gorilla Version 1 has one weapon. Both weapons are unproduced and we cannot tell which one goes with which.

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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