Welcome to the Prototype Furby page! This web page is the biggest Furby Prototye page to find out all the weird and unknown Furbies that were never produced. Showcased and for sale are these original Tiger Electronic Furby prototypes and unproduced prototypes. These all originated from a old Tiger employee who I purchased them from years ago. A lot of these are unknown to many collectors and will give a interesting view on what Tiger was testing on their creative hit.
    Though the Furbies pictured here are from my collection, I'am now offering them up for sale. At the moment I'am accepting offers on them. or some may have prices next to them in time. I have sold a few already.
    Also please note there are a few times I have trouble figuring out if a Furby has electronics. Sometimes the weight is off but then it works, sometimes they have prons or do not have battery prongs. Sometimes I flip them over and do the reset bit but only a few come to life.

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    To Offer on a Furby a Item: E-mail Me! shadwcat@interaccess.com

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