STA: Mega Man 5" Bandai Acton Figures

Bandai's 5" Mega Man Action Figures

    Bandai produced a 5" inch series of action figures as a tie-in to the animated Mega Man show that was airing on TV during the week days. The animated series ran for two seasons.
    The 1st series of 5" Mega Man figures came out in the Spring of 1994. It consisted of 6 figures and the Air Speeder. Bandai later produced a 2nd series that was released about 3 months later. 2nd series consisted of only 4 figures. There was only one vehicle made, the Mega Man Air Speeder.
    The overall poseability of the figures was the head and arms. The legs can twist side to side only. The figures accurately resemble the characters from the video games as well as the animated series. Some fired their weapons, while some were able to throw things.
    The second series figures are tougher than the first series figures. The figure known as Bombman had a short distribution because of the Oklahoma bombing, and he was pulled from shelves and production.
    A follow up series was created but never produced. It is unknown which figures were going to be produced. Another unproduced piece is the vehicle called the Land Blazer.

Mega Man 5" Inch Loose Gallery
Mega Man 5" Inch MOC Gallery

Price Guide & Listing For The 5" MEGA MAN Action Figures Packaged
The following price guide IS NOT a For Sale list
Mega Man Series 1 $30
Rush Series 1 $28
Cutman Series 1 $25
Bombman Series 1 $60
Proto-Man Series 1 $25
Gutsman Series 1 $25
Drillman Series 2 $38
Brightmans Series 2 $35
Eleckman Series 2 $35
Snakeman Series 2 $40
Air Raider Vehicle $30
Land Blazer Vehicle Unproduced

Bombman Mint On Card (MOC)

Mega Man on a Error Card. This Mega Man was sealed by accident upside down on the card. OOPS!

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