These guys are the good guys of the Trash Bag Bunch. They lived on planet Garbagio. With the help of Professor Garboff, they threw the Trashors (Crud) off their planet. But they appeared on Earth! Now the group of Disposers (Clean) will save Earth as well from these toxic terrorists!
    I'm putting them in order by numbers as they were on the backs of the cards. There are no monsters in this series. The Disposers consist of humans in armor with huge-ass guns and robots with strange weapons.

    Click Here: For a full gallery images of the set!

1.) Trashblaster
2.) Vac-U-Ator

3.) Klutch
4.) Breezor
5.) Sterilizor
6.) Incinerator
7.) Sanitizor
8.) Bio-Degrader
9.) Fumigator
10.) Grimestopper
11.) Dr. Sheen
12.) White Washer
13.) Prof. Garboff
14.) D-Stain
15.) Janitax
16.) Sparkler
17.) Kapt. Kollector
18.) Sgt. Wastenot

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