Trash Bag Bunch were produced by Galoob in 1991. This toyline was about recycling and the enviroment. This idea also spawned another toyline in 1991, Captain Planet. Around 1991, the whole planet was getting geared up for ecology and issues about ozone.
    This line's gimmick was that each figure was bought in a bag. You could'nt tell which figure it was. The bag would be dropped into water and begin to fizzle. The bag would break open, and turn into mush. The water turns green and this mush floats to the top. The figure falls to the bottom of the glass. The idea was the bag was Bio-Degradeable! This line has some very colorful figures. They ranged from mutant monsters, killer robots, armored humans with huge guns.

    There was no cartoon or comic follow up, just a small paragraph which I add into each section. The toy line faired well, and did have a follow-up second series which was never produced. The good guys are called the Disposers, while the bad guys are called the Trashors. Each figure is around 1 inch tall and they do not have any poseable arms or legs.


Galoob Promotion Sheet with Pictures of Prototypes

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