This is a gang of awesome mutant monsters and aliens that are from a group named CRUD. Some are disgusting and very detailed, while others just need to be shot in the head. These guys it seems were thrown off the home planet of Garbagio. They have now appeared on Earth to make it a toxic planet. Don't let the crummy story line detur you, these are great figures!

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19.) Slobber
20.) Scum Lizard

21.) Wild Eye
22.) Sewerot
23.) Garbeast
24.) Muck Master
25.) Plutor
26.) Liceplant
27.) Muckoid
28.) Skuzbeast
29.) Stink Buzzard
30.) Junker
31.) Sewer Rat
32.) Fuminoid
33.) Junk Jackal
34.) Trashor
35.) Infector
36.) Wastor

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