Diaclones & Microman were produced by Takara in the late 70's and early 80's. Diaclones & Microman were a great hit but they were only released in Japan. They were probably one of the first toys that had a robot emerge from a modern vehicle or jets. Diaclone & Microman are mostly remembered as being "Pre-Transformers". This is because almost all the Diaclones & Microman were later re-issued as Transformers.
    Before Transformers were ever produced, Takara did produce Diaclones in North America under name Kronoform and Diakron. It is unknown which came first, but Kronoform has better artwork and boxes. These toys are Diaclones just sent to North America and were repackaged in different boxes. They may be packaged with different accessories.
    In the transition of the Diaclones & Microman's becoming Transformers, Hasbro & Takara made some decisions to not produce some of them for the Transformers series. These toys can range from the entire toy itself (Triple Changer Helicopter) or a difference in color ("Red" Suntreaker). Another color difference you've probably heard of is the very famous Diaclone "Blue" Bluestreak. Though it still is roughly myth if it was ever produced under the Transformers name.
    Hasbro also purchased rights from other companies to be produced them as Transformers. Takatoku produced the "Deluxe" Insecticons in Japan before Transformers, as Beetra. They had their own toy line and cartoon show(?). There was also a Lady Bug bot, but was never produced even for the Beetra line because Takatoku was bought by Bandai.

    Please beware of Knock offs. The companies that did them, did a extremely good job! So look for the markings of Takara on them. Stickers stating Diaclone doesn't mean it is Diaclone. I have been fooled a couple times already. Also there is one Knock-off Company called" Four-Star", ever seen a Praying mantis Kickback?


Diaclone Blitzwing & Fake Diaclone Blitzwing

Diaclone Buffalo

Diaclone Diatrain

Diaclone Fortress X

Gats Blocker Figurine MOC

Diaclone Battle Convoy (Optimus Prime)

Diaclone Police Car Fairlady Z (Prowl)

Diaclone Countach LP500S "Red" (Red Sunstreaker)

Diaclone Countach LP500S "Police" (Police Sunstreaker)

Diaclone Lancia Stratos "Malboro" (Malboro Wheeljack)

Diaclone Onebox Cherry Vanette (Black Ironhide)

Diaclone City Turbo (Red Skids)

Diaclone City-R Exclusive (Silver Skids)

Diaclone Pteranodon (Swoop)

Diaclone Triple Changer (Jet/ Heli)

Diaclone Drill Tank "Red/Blue" (Twin Twist)

Diaclone Train (2nd Series)

Diaclone Warudoros

Diaclone Watch Red Robot / Car


Bumblejumper (Red) MIB

Bumblejumper (Yellow) MIB

Gears MIB

Huffer MIB

Windcharger MIB

M1910 Pistol "Browning" MIB


Unproduced Large Crane for Diaclone

--Store Displays---------

Double Sided Hanging Display (Microman & Diaclone)


Kronoform Modulator

Kronoform Protectron

Kronoform Multi Force

Kronoform Togor

Kronoform Watch (Robot)


Diakron DK-1 (Red Sunstreaker)

Diakron DK-2 (Black Ironhide)

Diakron Multifirce 14

--Joustra Diaclone-------

Joustra Camerabot (Reflector)

Joustra Cheetah (Brawn)

Joustra Pick Up (Gears)

Joustra Truck (Huffer)

--Grandstand Convertors-------

Grandstand Convertors Alphatron

Grandstand Convertors Deltatron

Grandstand Convertors Deltrian Fighter

Grandstand Convertors Deltrian Tracker (Modulator)

Grandstand Convertors Omegatron (Omega Supreme)

Grandstand Convertors Siclonoid (Warudoros)

Grandstand Convertors Sigmatron

--Chrono Quartz (Ceji)-------------

Diaclone Chrono Quartz Colt Watch MIB

--Diaclone Fakes----------

Knock Off Company Four Star


Beet-Zeguna (Venom)



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