I will only have a few various items in this section that are unique to our collection. There are many excellent vintage Star Wars websites (The Star Wars Collectors Archive & excellent forums like Rebelscum.com. This section has not been cleaned up yet, so don't cringe at the 7 year old HTML coding.

R2-D2 Toy Box

21 Back Counter Top Display & Shipping Case

Plush Chewie Display & Shipping Case

Canadian 43" Stuffed Chewbacca Store Display

Canadian Jawa Plush

Takara large X-wing

Takara's Wind-Up walking R2-D2 MOC

Vacum Sealed R2-D2 (MOSC)

Blue Harvest Sweatshirt from ROTJ

"No Markings" Logray

Adam Joseph Gammorean Guard Bank

Sigma Max Rebo band music-box

Return of The Jedi Video Cassette Store Display

Star Wars for Famicom by Namcot(never came out in the US)

Droids C-3PO Cel (Artist Model)

Droids R2-D2 Cel (Artist Model)

Droids IG-88 Cel (Artist Model)

Mardi Gras Coin form 1986

Original Star Wars Prop Jawa Eyes

Cast & Crew ESB Passport

Prototype ESB white 3-Pack

Captain Madine Mint on ESB card (Test Sample)

Red Cape Bib Fortuna

Dynacast Prototype Teebo body

Unproduced / Unknown Prototype Kenner Stuffed Ewok (Zephee Prototype?)

Unproduced Zephee Stuffed Ewok

Unproduced Prototype Micros for the Hoth Bacta Chamber

Unproduced Prototype Micros for the Bespin Torture Chamber

Uzay Chewbacca MOSC (Strange Planet Picture)

=Power Of The Force 2 (POTF2)=

POTF2 Bib Fortuna Test Shot

POTF2 Gammorean Guard Hard Copy

POTF2 12" C-3PO Test Shot

POTF2 12" Hoth Stromtrooper Test Shot

POTF2 12" Imperial Gunner Test Shot

Epic Force Boba Fett Test Shot

Patrol Dewback Test Shot

Jabba "Stuffed Buddy" Test Shot

=The Phantom Menace=

Phantom Menace S.T.A.P. & Battle Droid Test Shots

Phantom Menace Darth Maul Test Shot

Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks Test Shot

Phantom Menace Battle Droid Test Shot

Phantom Menace Chancellor Valorum Test Shot

Phantom Menace Boss Nass Test Shot

Phantom Menace Mace Windu Test Shot

Phantom Menace Darth Maul w/ Sith Speeder Test Shot

Phantom Menace Darth Maul "Tatooine" Test Shot

Phantom Menace Ody Mandrell w/ Otoga 222 Droid Test Shot

Phantom Menace Rune Haako Test Shot

Phantom Menace Nute Gunray Test Shot

Phantom Menace Faduu Test Shot

Phantom Menace 12" Destroyer Droid Test Shot

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