Rock Lords first appeared when the demeneted minds at Gobots Headquarters decided to create and put them in the Go-Bots The Movie. The first and last apperance of them was in the movie (So I remember). After that, the Rock Lords were on their own with no help from a cartoon series.

    The Rocklord toys are very detailed & colorful, as well as some great charachters. Sadly they were being brought out when Gobots started to take a nose-dive in toy sales compared to Transformers. Rocklords still held strong, and kept moving along and bringing out a few more series and off shoots. The line itself is a exceptional toy line that alot of robot & 80's collector overlook as being Go-Bots.

    I will try to put all the weapons with the toys. But it is very hard to do so since Rocklords weapons are probably one of the hardest types of weapons to locate in the whole toy collecting universe.

-Rocklords Action Figures ===-----

Rocklords Series 1

Rocklords Series 2

Rocklords Series 3

Rocklords Series 3 "Jewel Lords"

Rocklord "Shock Rocks"

Rocklord "Action Shock Rocks"

Rocklords Narlies

Rocklords Rockasaurs

Rocklords Fossil Combiner Team ( Gestalt )

-Rocklords Vehicles ===============-------

Rocklords Vehicles

-Rocklords Prototypes & Catalogs ====--------

Unproduced Rocklords & Playsets

Prototype Fossile Combiner Team (Unproduced)

Prototype Fossile Combiner Team (Unproduced Armor)

Tonka 1987 Catalog

-Rocklords Knock-Offs ====--------

Rocklords Terrorsaur Knock-Off MOC

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